Welcome to my teacher website!  This website contains some of my work done during my student teaching experience. The pages which are labeled above have the links to a sneak peak at what my teaching experiences have been like.  Enjoy!

Birch Grove Primary School

Pre-K - 2nd Grade

Norwich Free Academy

9th - 12th Grade

The Golden Boot!  One of the units I taught at NFA covered fitness walking and going into this I knew that motivation would be a challenge.  During each lesson there was a different area to compete in including; distance covered, number of steps (counted by pedometers) and creative/cooperative games.  The team which scored the most points over the course of the unit won the Golden Boot!

The Golden Boot!

Climbing Wall!

If there is one thing that the students of Birch Grove Primary don’t need help getting excited for, it’s the climbing wall.  After going through the proper scaffolding in previous lessons, students have the opportunity to make it across the entire climbing wall through all of the suspended obstacles, while of course keeping their feet below the red line.  

Can You Spot the Student Tagging Up?